Praise for Bonnie Jo Campbell's
Mothers, Tell Your Daughers
"Oh it's a dark, sticky, potent, relentless, and heartbreaking business between mothers and daughters, and Bonnie Jo Campbell likes it there. She likes telling the truth—about those unseverable bonds and the men who stretch them to their limit. These muscular, deeply affecting stories are about women you might have forgotten even exist, but I guarantee it, they will remind you—in all the best ways—of every shameful thing you have ever thought or done." -Pam Houston


Events Home Buy the Book "The fierce women in the gorgeously ragged stories of Bonnie Jo Campbell's Mothers, Tell Your Daughters are like rusted razor blades—damaged, but still sharp enough to draw blood. With each of these brilliant and unforgettable stories, Campbell solidifies her place as one of the finest writers of contemporary fiction." -Roxane Gay


"Bonnie Jo Campbell is the real deal—a writer whose plainspoken characters I believe from the first word, even as I sometimes want to shout 'Oh God, No!' or even 'Why, Why, Why?!' I know why. I know these women. They are my cousins, nieces, neighbors. Some of them are me. What I don't know is how with such hard stories she invariably leaves me feeling strengthened. There is magic here. Read the stories and see for yourself." -Dorothy Allison Mothers, Tell Your Daughters book shot

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